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Just Sold


My client just closed on this perfect westside condo!  This property was virtually the only two bedroom unit available in the area under $600k so there were lots of interested buyers which created a  multiple offer situation.  We made the winning offer and my client was able to beat out the competition and get the deal done.

The key elements to writing a winning offer when there are multiple, competing offers are:

  • Offer a solid price.  Don’t try to lowball.
  • Submit your loan pre-approval letter from a credible lender.
  • Write a clean offer.  Don’t add unnecessary contingencies.
  • Choose a quick close date.
  • Write a short bio outlining who the buyer is and why he/she is a qualified and serious buyer.
  • Stay in close contact with the listing agent through the process.  You want him to feel confident that you are there to get the deal done.


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